Beer and Hop

Beer and hops - fresh beer made from fresh ingredients!

Discover the world’s largest contiguous hop growing area and visit one of the world’s oldest breweries:

  • Hop farms in the heart of the Hallertau - Don’t miss out on a guided tour through a hop farm and the hop gardens! (Stiglmaier hop farm and Zellner hop farm )
  • Weltenburg Monastery Brewery - the oldest monastery brewery in the world
  • Schneider Weisse in Kelheim - the oldest wheat brewery in the world
  • Kuchlbauer’s World of Beer in Abensberg - a unique combination of  beer and Hundertwasser’s art
  • Riedenburg brewery - best organic beer specialities

You can also visit a lot of small breweries with a local flavour:

Schmidmayer Bräu, Zieglerbräu,  Horneck brewery, Schneider hotel and
brewery inn, Stanglbräu brewery inn, Berghammer brewery, Herrngiersdorf castle brewery , Frischeisen brewery, Riemhofer brewery,
Hofbräu and Ottenbräu

You can also learn more about asparagus in and around Abensberg - from cultivation to culinary delight!