Your holiday region around the Danube Gorge

While the "Weltenburger Enge" (Danube Gorge) nature reserve has been awarded the "European Diploma" by the Council of Europe there are many other sights such as the Liberation Hall above Kelheim or Kuchlbauer's World of Beer. 

  • Celts, Romans, people from the Middle Ages and down the years have left their (hi)stories behind. The Middle Ages appear in Eggersberg, Prunn and Randeck with formidable castles standing atop rocky cliffs.
  • Also the world’s oldest breweries of their kind were founded here between the 11th and the 16th Centuries. Today the region produces a wide variety of beer specialties. Most of the breweries can be visited on guided tours.  
  • Bad Gögging and Bad Abbach are two of the oldest established German spas in the heart of bavaria. Visitors have access to a wide range of wellness facilities.
  • A bicycle or hiking tour along the Danube or Altmühl is a special experience. Have a break at a cedar moorland where you can smell the aromatic flavor of herb rich hillsides and enjoy the lovely view. Also hop, which grows in the hop country of the Hallertau, has a very special aroma. The hop ambassadors guide you through their hop farms and hop gardens. You can expect beer tasting and typical regional goods. 
  • The intricately interwoven network of routes offers a multitude of oppertunities for pleasure cyclists, racing cyclists, mountain bikers as well as Nordic walkers, active hikers or even motorcyclists. Various tours can be found here